Higgins Memorial Dedication

Just 10 months after the idea was floated, the Utah Beach Higgins Memorial has become reality. The memorial to Andrew Jackson Higgins and the men who rode ashore in his boats will be dedicated Saturday morning at a ceremony attended by the U.S. Ambassador to France, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Columbus Mayor Mike Moser, and broadcast globally on the U.S. Armed Forces Network.

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Financial support is still needed. Contact the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce (chamber@megavision.com) for information.

NET Highlights the Higgins Memorial Story

Tomorrow (June 6th) marks the 71st anniversary of D-Day. It is also the day the Higgins Memorial – which now sits proudly on Utah Beach – will be honored.


NET published the following article on the Higgins Memorial story, as well as the speech that will be given by congressman Jeff Fortenberry tomorrow on Utah Beach.


Final Push to D-Day Dedication

Friends, in 9 days, the world will celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. This is also the day that our crowdfunding campaign will end.

Donations totaling $110,000 are still needed to pay for memorial markers, shipping and other costs involved in getting the replica Higgins Boat to its new home at the Musee Du Debarquement Utah Beach. We are calling on you to consider a financial gift to help complete this amazing campaign.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please also share this message with others you think would be interested in giving to the Utah Beach Higgins Memorial Project.

Click HERE to support the Utah Beach Higgins Memorial Project.


Higgins Memorial Lands in Normandy

The Higgins Boat has been placed at the Utah Beach Museum in Normandy. Thanks to our partners in France as well as here at home for all the effort!

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The Utah Beach Higgins Memorial will be dedicated on the anniversary of D-Day, June 6. The ceremony will be attended by the U.S. Ambassador to France, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Columbus Mayor Mike Moser, and other dignitaries.

Follow the Higgins Memorial to France…


The Wooden crate containing the Higgins memorial has been loaded on a Flat Rack and was moved to the sailing ship’s staging location.


Attached is the Hapag-Lloyd Flat Rack Identification web site for following the Higgins Replica Boat to France.

Per the attached link – Sailing Date is confirmed for Saturday 4/25/15 and arrival at Le Havre, France on 5/15/15.

This schedule represents only a 20 day trip on the water.


Movement Taking Place….


Picture of the monument the French are moving to place the Higgins Memorial.

This is the first of 1,000 of these markers, each kilometer, marking the path of the army of Gen. LeClerc across France during the liberation of his country.

Behind this is the breach in the sand dunes blown open by US Army engineers on D-Day 1944, allowing troops to come inland.

Extraordinary stuff.